Inclement Weather Policy


With the forecast for tomorrow, we wanted to take a moment to make sure we clarify our policy on inclement weather. Games will be played regardless of rain (unless torrential downpour). In the event thunder is heard and/or lightning is seen, all games will be suspended immediately and all players/spectators/coaches are to seek immediate shelter at one of the pavilions or vehicles. This does NOT mean the game is over! Games may NOT resume until 30 minutes after the last thunder or lightning, with time restarting in the event of either before the 30 minutes is up. If a game is not resumed and has reached halftime, the score will stand and count! If the game has NOT reached halftime, we will do everything in our best efforts to reschedule the game at a later date. All games will remain on schedule, meaning if a game is suspended its clock will continue to run. No game clocks will be delayed regardless of weather!

Posted by SSC