Open Board Position

Strongsville Soccer is seeking interested volunteers for a board position related to financial management/administration. Position requires very strong financial reporting and expenditure skills supporting multiple facets of the club and all operations under roof.

If interested, please use the contact us page located under the "Home" menu or click here, and select "Opportunities" as the Category.

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New service for field closures!

We wanted to take a moment to let everyone know about an exciting new service/feature we're offering! We are now offering text alerts for field closures/announcements. For those who are constantly on the go and don't always have time to check the website, this is going to be a huge help! No more trying to hunt your coach down to see if the fields are open, when we close the fields, you get a text! This service is being provided for free to us, so that means it's free for you! Your standard carrier rates apply if applicable though.

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Send us your pictures!

Do you have pictures from your son or daughter's games? Are you a coach with pictures of your team or players? Send them to us, we'll gladly add them to the gallery on this website! Action shots, poses, whatever it may be, we would love to proudly display your son or daughter playing soccer! To submit a picture, you can go to the gallery page for a link to mail us, or you can simply e-mail us by clicking here!

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End of the Season

As we approach the last games of the season, we wanted to extend a sincere thank you to all of the parents, coaches, volunteers, and even the players for a very fun and entertaining fall season. We can't wait for spring to start already! There are going to be some changes over the winter that we think everyone from parent to player will appreciate. Keep checking the website over the off-season months to see what's in store for the spring! Hope you have a warm and fun winter, stay bundled up!

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Cold Weather

As most of you already know, we're heading into colder parts of the year. We know, we know, we aren't thrilled about it either! The unfortunate part about this is that we still have a few weeks left in the season. We just wanted to make sure that all parents see to it that their children are properly dressed for the cold weather. Athletic pants and long sleeves under uniform shirts are allowed and encouraged! Nobody wants sick children, including us!

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