Weather Policy



  • We will play in the rain if the fields are deemed playable.


  • Called on the field by the referee.
  • Immediate stoppage of play!
  • Mandatory that everyone takes shelter
  • Play will resume 30 minutes after last lightning or thunder strike, no sooner!
  • The whole day will not be cancelled.
    • This will be a game-to-game decision at the field.
  • Note in the event of lightning and/or thunder, all games will keep their original start time in accordance with the schedule.
  • Delayed games may not encroach on the next start time.
  • Any game that has reached half-time will be counted as complete, and the score at stoppage will stand as final.
  • Any game that has NOT reached half-time, will be temporarily cancelled and reschedule on a later date.
  • Safety is the top priority in this matter! We will not allow play to continue if thunder and/or lightning are present! The United States Soccer Federation follows these exact guidelines for all professional games as well. Always check the website one hour prior to game time for updates.

Posted by SSC